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The Rehab Systems Team

Dale Perkins CPO

Dale Perkins - CPO

Dale Perkins CPO – Certified in Orthotics in 1979 and certified in Prosthetics in 1981. Dale founded Rehab Systems in 1993 and is in full-time patient care practice in Twin Falls and Boise. Dale was born with Fibular Hemimelia which lead to severe ankle DJD at age 35. Dale developed multiple laminated AFOs for his arthritis until the ongoing pain led to a Symes Amputation in 1992 and a closed femoral shortening was done to equalize knee center. As strength returned to his quad issues with the socket became apparent mainly restricting full extension in his stride. This lead Dale to experiment with his own socket design and give him the experience to help others with similar problems. Dales golf handicap dropped from 22 to 7 after his amputation and made two holes in one in the same round in 2008.


Matt Perkins CEO

Matt Perkins / President and CEO

Matt Perkins / President and CEO
Matt began his O & P career as many sons of prosthetists do, in the lab. For many years Matt worked with his father’s patient care facility as a technician. During a skiing career with the US Disabled Ski Team, he participated at the Nagano Paralympics in 1998 while continuing to work as a technician. Opting out of following in his father’s footsteps he continued to work in the field as a technician and began to help develop products for O & P. After retiring from ski racing in 2002, he turned to triathlon, and has since won the ITU Triathlon World Championships in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.


Anna Larsen CPO

Anna Larsen - CPO

Anna Larsen CPO - is an American Board Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist caring for patients at the Rehab Systems Boise and Twin Falls offices.  Anna graduated from Century College, in White Bear Lake Minnesota, where she received her AA degree in Prosthetic Technologies, Baccalaureate degree in Prosthetic Practitioner, and a baccalaureate degree in Orthotic Practitioner.  Anna received her undergraduate degree at the University of North Dakota in 2005.  Before moving to Idaho she lived in Augusta, GA where she worked as an Orthotist. 


Bob Rich CPO

Bob Rich - CPO

Bob Rich CPO - is an American Board Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist caring for patients at the Rehab Systems Boise office. Bob received his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Utah. While there he volunteered at Shriners Hospital for Children in the Orthotics and Prosthetics department. This turned out to be a good fit as he had always wanted to be in the medical field and involved in patient care. He went onto get his masters in prosthetics and orthotics from the University of Pittsburgh before doing his residency in Sacramento. Bob is fairly fluent in Spanish and enjoys many hobbies and spending time in nature with his wife and boys.


Corinna Davis - Office & Payables Manager

Corinna Davis has been in office management for 30 years in the areas from general office management, to airline management.  She came to work at Rehab Systems in 2014 after living 3 years in India with her husband and started as a Medical Documentation Specialist / Receptionist.  Her focus on quality patient care and her extensive management background worked well in her transition into the Office & Payables Manager.  Corinna has 3 adult children and enjoys traveling with her husband who is an airline pilot. 

Lori McBride - Office Manager

Lori McBride is the Office Manager and handles the medical billing for the Twin Falls Rehab Systems. Lori spent the past 13 years working for the Twin Falls School District. Her interest in the medical field and her bookkeeping background have made her a great match with Rehab Systems. Lori is the proud mother of three children, two of which are currently students at the University of Idaho.  Lori loves to road trip to see them as much as possible. In her free time, Lori enjoys mountain biking, fly fishing and has plans to hike MT Borah this summer.  Go Vandals!

Kate Brookshire - Lead Administrator

Kate Brookshire started working with Rehab Systems in 2013 at an entry level position doing miscellaneous jobs and has worked her way up to become the Boise Lead Administrator.  She graduated from University of Idaho where she received her Baccalaureate degree in Wildlife Resources.  She decided to move to Boise to be close to her family where she worked as a gardening and pruning technician for 5 years prior to joining the team at Rehab Systems.  She has two beautiful girls and enjoys being a mom and participating in any outdoor activities.