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Like prosthetics, the field of orthotics has seen great advancements over the past few years, primarily in the materials being used. Instead of being limited to plastic or leather, orthotics can now be manufactured using the latest in composite materials and/or combinations of other materials. This ability to mix and match material gives the clients the optimal fit and function they need from the orthotic device.

Featured Services

Molded Leather Gauntlet

Using new school methods with old school materials we have developed an ankle foot orthotic to control excessive pronation while still allowing for some motion in all planes for patient comfort and normal gait function. It also provides compression in a low profile padded system. The orthotic is ideal for Posterior Tibialis dysfunction, ankle DJD, and Posterior foot de-weighting.



Hybrid Thermoformed AFO

Using new school materials with old school methods Rehab Systems has developed a combination of flexible and rigid plastic AFOs to control excessive pronation while still allowing some motion in all planes for patient comfort and normal gait function. The orthosis is ideal for posterior tibialis tendon dysfunction, ankle DJD, wound care and conditions requiring de-weighting of the foot and ankle. Plastic provides better hygiene as it is washable and is also easily modified for comfort.



Graphite AFO

The Graphite Laminated AFO was originally developed for Dale Perkins’ own struggles with ankle arthritis. Rehab Systems typically uses this orthosis for severe non-operable ankle DJD. This system provides maximum control in all planes of motion with excellent off-loading of the ankle. It is also quite comfortable with its flexible plastic inner boot. The graphite laminate construction creates a very thin orthosis that fits well in most sport and walking shoes.




Thermoformed Custom AFO

Common issues which require Thermoformed AFOs include drop foot, tendon injuries and instability. There are a variety of styles available depending on patient diagnosis. The leaf spring design helps with mild foot drop and takes up a minimal amount of room in the shoe. The solid ankle design also offers more stability. It is typically used for CVA patients. The hinged version provides a balance between stability and controlled motion for normal gait.




Custom KAFO

Ideal for patients with post-polio syndrome, CMT, Stroke, SCI, and musculoskeletal disorders.  Patients that lack knee extensor and lower limb strength and additional knee weakness/instability.  Different joints and materials used to decrease weight and increase stability.


Custom Molded Thumb Spica

A custom molded thumb spica can be effective when a need arises for continued immobilization of the CMC joint after cast management or for patients with arthritis. With its intimate fit and contour, the custom spica allows movement at proximal and distal joints while effectively immobilizing the affected joint.



Foot Orthotic

As part of our research and development of custom silicone liners, Rehab Systems has sought to utilize alternative materials which we find to be very useful in foot orthotics. Using a urethane gel we fabricate a high end custom foot orthotic that combines the support and stability of a rigid orthotic with the comfort and cushion of a gel orthotic. This system is also far superior in durability to other materials we have utilized in the past. Our newest design features a urethane foam material rather than urethane gel which creates a softer, lighter weight orthotic. This design has been very effective in treating issues with runners’ feet.



Pediatric Orthotics

Pediatric AFOs are designed for patients with cerebral palsy, myelomeningocele, and ankle/foot instability. Braces come in a variety of styles for ideal fit and results. Hinged AFOs limit toe walking and maintain stretch on the heel cord while providing stability. AFOs with an inner boot offer an intimate fit to help with difficult to contain movement and with tri-plantar control. The addition of an inner boot also eases donning. Solid AFOs offer a stable base of support and are ideal for children who are ready to weight bear or pull stand. The Cascade DAFO offers flexible total contact for mild and high tone and for toe walking.



                     Bi-Valve AFO

In response to limits and complications with the CROW boot, Rehab Systems has developed a lighter, stronger, and more comfortable orthosis. The unique patented Bi-Valve design allows a more closed system, innovative hinging options, increased total contact, more circumferential control, and easier donning. The shorter version replaces the complicated and high maintenance Arizona AFO. A distinctive combination of flexible plastic and our own composite material can create a solid or flexible AFO, and control the most unstable ankles – perfect for Charcot foot, PTTD, osteoarthritis, and protecting ankle fusions post-op.


Coyote Dynamic AFO

Provides mild energy return for more active patients.  Allows some tibial torsion for a more natural gait.




Spinal Orthotics

Ideal for adolescents with scoliosis. Custom trauma TLSO's. Pop op LSO's rigid or soft corset style.  We offer both custom and off the shelf styles.





Any needed adjustments or repairs within the warranty period will be done at no charge. The warranty period for custom orthoses and prostheses is three months for workmanship and materials. We honor all manufacturer’s warranties on the separate components of your device (i.e. ankle joints, prosthetic feet and knees). There will be a separate charge for adjustments or repairs that are made as a result of abuse or undue rough wear, as well as normal wear for leather work, liners, and any additional adjustments which are prescribed by a physician. 

Failure to contact the treating practitioner or infrequent or non-use of a device does not absolve the patient from the responsibility for payment.  Since the device is custom fabricated and prescribed by your physician, it cannot be returned for credit on your account. Prescribed “off the shelf” items cannot be returned for hygienic reasons. However, patients may refuse delivery of any item if they feel it is not what was ordered or what they expected after their initial assessment with the practitioner.  It is the practitioner’s responsibility to assess your disability and let you know what the ordered device will provide, its disadvantages and what its limitations are.

The company will not be responsible for any changes or additions to the appliance not ordered by the prescribing physician or in the event the appliance has been altered or repaired by anyone other than representatives of this company.

It is in your best interest to communicate with your practitioner on a timely basis and to allow us to resolve any problems you are experiencing as efficiently and quickly as possible. It is our goal to provide you with the best care possible and we will make every attempt to meet your needs. Please contact us if there is a question or concern that your practitioner cannot resolve for you.

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